Battery Management

Battery Distribution Cluster - Single Outboard Motor


The Single Engine Battery Distribution Cluster includes dedicated battery switches for each bank and a voltage sensitive relay (VSR). The VSR allows for two or more batteries to be charged at the same time. When the engine is started and the start battery reaches 13.7V, the relay closes, combining batteries, allowing them to be charged simultaneously. A red LED indicator light on the VSR will turn on when in the closed charging mode. When the engine is stopped and the voltage drops to 12.8V, the relay will open, separating the batteries. This eliminates the possibility of draining the wrong battery and also protects sensitive electrical equipment from harmful engine start-up spikes. Measures 5 1/2"x 5 1/2"x 3 1/4".

Battery Distribution Cluster - Dual Outboard Motor


Dual Engine Battery Distribution Cluster has the same features as the Single Cluster but is designed for twin engine installations. The assembly includes Port Start, Starboard Start, Emergency Parallel and House battery switches, and two voltage sensitive relays.

Battery Distribution Cluster - Triple Outboard Motor


Triple Engine Battery Distribution Cluster has the same features as the Dual Cluster but is designed for triple engine installations. The assembly includes Port Start, Center Start, Starboard Start, Emergency Parallel and House battery switches, and three voltage sensitive relays.

Battery Disconnect Switch


Used in battery distribution clusters. Tested to UL 1107 and rated at 275A continuous, 455A intermittent, and 1250A cranking. Each switch has four removable sides suitable up to 1/0 wire size for easy cable attachment. Requires 3/8 inch (10mm) terminal connector.

Battery Distribution Studs


Kit includes 2 each—3/8"(10mm) studs mounted in a plastic housing with removable access doors for unlimited battery cable routing options. Used to connect additional battery cables to extend the length of the standard engine battery cable. Studs are tin plated copper with tin plated brass nuts with stainless steel lock washers. Plastic housing is high temp and impact rated polycarbonate. Kit includes stainless steel mounting hardware. Housing measures 2.75"x 2.75"x 2"

Battery Tender–Outdoor


This compact 800 mA battery charger has all the charge characteristics of the indoor battery tender but designed for outdoor usage. Includes quick connect cable pictured.

Battery Tender–Indoor


Maintains fully charged battery without overcharging. Includes: 2 alligator clips and quick disconnect plug. 6 foot power cord with 65 inch charging cord.

25 ft. Extension Cord


Extends the length of the charger’s reach from 12 feet to 37 feet. Works with both indoor and outdoor battery tenders. Package includes 4 cords.

Multiple Battery Connector Lead


Allows one battery tender to service several batteries.

Battery Charger/Maintainer


Battery PAL Magnum charger is UL listed. It is perfect for battery storage or for boat and personal watercraft battery charging. Charges at a 3 amp rate and switches automatically to 25-60 milliamps when battery voltage reaches approximately 13.5 volts. Uses red and green LED lights to indicate charge or maintenance functions. Built-in overlead protection. Completely waterproof body. Mounts to the wall near an AC outlet. AC cord is 19 inches long. DC output cords with alligator clips are 4 feet long.