Honda’s Intelligent Shift & Throttle® (iST) command and control system delivers superb control, plus plug-and-play installation of Honda Marine products and third-party controls and devices such as the Optimus 360 Joystick. Our next generation iST delivers what today’s boaters are looking for, allowing individuals to seamlessly integrate additional components for the ultimate in custom-tailored command.
  • Control of up to 4 engines and 2 control stations
  • Effortless shift and throttle control
  • Fine tuning of throttle settings at any speed
  • Enhanced docking control
  • Return to port capability
  • Simple, easy to understand user interface
  • One switch trim control on multi-engine installations

Put Control Where You Want It

Honda iST includes redesigned binnacle and side mount drive-by-wire throttle controls. Side mount installations control a single engine, while the new binnacle-mount design accommodates up to four engines and two control stations.

All configurations deliver effortless shift and throttle control, with fine tuning of throttle settings at any speed, enhanced docking and return-to-port capability. You get it all in one simple, easy-to-understand user interface.

Multiple Engines, One Powerful Control

iST really shines in multi-engine installations. It provides one-switch trim control on the throttle handle, trimming all engines simultaneously. It also provides individual trim switches for fine tuning each engine’s trim position. Engine-speed synchronization offers single-handle control of all engines while synchronized.

Control, Convenience, Safety, And Security

You’ll enjoy the convenience of Push Button Starting and improved docking control. And you’ll appreciate our safety and security features. They include double line H-CAN and NMEA 2000® design redundancy that guards against drive-by-wire electronics failure, a tilt-limit switch and a theft-deterring key fob immobilizer. NMEA 2000 Certification ensures proper implementation of network management and messaging, along with secure open-architecture compatibility. Give your boat the magic touch with iST command and control, only from Honda!

The Optimus 360 System Puts The Joy of Boating In Your Hands

Fully compatible with Honda iST technology, the SeaStar Solutions® Optimus 360 Joystick system adds a new dimension of control to your Honda-powered boat. The joystick’s highly intuitive functionality allows you to automatically precision maneuver your boat with minimal shifting, throttling, and engine movement. Progressive throttling makes the joystick a natural extension of your hand. Offering exquisite low-speed control, the Optimus 360 makes entering or leaving a dock a breeze. Even beginning boaters can quickly achieve impressive results.

The Optimus 360 system includes Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS), which makes steering easier while underway and further enhances steering in tight situations. When teamed with the SeaStar Solutions SeaStation GPS anchoring system, the Optimus 360 control will hold your boat in position and heading via GPS, no physical anchor required. The Optimus 360 can also be combined with SeaStar Solutions innovative SeaWays auto pilot.

Ask your Optimus 360 Authorized Dealer for details on adding Optimus 360 to your Honda Marine power package. Or learn more about Optimus EPS and Optimus 360, including manuals, data sheets, and dealer locator.

iST Intelligent Shift
iST Intelligent Shift Dual
iST Intelligent Shift Dual
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