BF40 Manuals

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Operator's Manuals

Manual Serial Number
NMEA 2000® Digital Tach and Speedo Operation BBDJ-1000001 through 9999999 Download
HD-4 Color Display Gauge BBDJ-1000001 through 9999999 Download
HD-4 Color Gauge Setup BBDJ-1000001 through 9999999 Download

Owner's Manuals

Serial Number
BAYL-1000001 through 1999999 Download
BAYL-2000001 through 9999999 Download
BAYS-3200001 through 3209999 Download
BAYS-3210001 through 3219999 Download
BAYS-3220001 through 3229999 Download
BAYS-3300001 through 3309999 Download
BAYS-3400001 through 3409999 Download
BAYS-3500001 through 3599999 Download
BAYS-3600001 through 3699999 Download
BAYS-3700001 through 9999999 Download
BAYU-1000001 through 1999999 Download
BAYU-2000001 through 3199999 Download
BBDJ-1000001 through 1099999 Download
BBDJ-1100001 through 9999999 Download