NMEA 2000® Signal Supply Cable
NMEA 2000® Signal Supply Cable
BF40D BBDJ-1000001-Forward
BF50D BBEJ-1000042-Forward
BF60A BBFJ-1000050-Forward
BFP60A BBFJ-8000007-Forward
BF115D BBHJ-1000001-Forward
BF135A BARJ-1301771-Forward, BASJ -1300175-Forward
BF150A BANJ-1304171-Forward, BAPJ -1300650-Forward
BF200AK1 BAEJ-1600002-Forward, BAFJ -1600001-Forward
BF225AK1 BAGJ-1600012-Forward, BAHJ -1600003-Forward
BF250A BBJJ-1000001~Forward, BBJJ-8000001~Forward

The cable supplies the information signals from the onboard engine computer to the NMEA cable connecton in the boat. This cable is 19.5 ft. long.

NMEA 2000® Compatible Gauges

With the vast array of NMEA components available from a number of manufacturers, here are a couple of suggested gauge offerings. All NMEA compatible gauges, regardless of the manufacturer, will operate with Honda Marine engines that are specified to have a NMEA connection.

GMI 10 Digital Marine Instrument Display

LMF-400, LMF-200