Honda outboards set the standard for four-stroke technology. Inspired by our automotive technology, we’re constantly applying advanced thinking to our marine engines.

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BLAST®: Gets the hull on plane faster. Honda Exclusive!
Lean Burn Control: Better fuel economy. Honda Exclusive!
VTEC® technology: Smooth acceleration and power. Honda Exclusive!
NMEA 2000® Compliant: Share and display information easily
Easy Dock Steering: Exceptional maneuverability. Honda Exclusive!
Dual Stage Induction:  Breathing easier improves performance. Honda Exclusive!
Separate Dual Air Circuits: Cooler air for better performance
4-Front Corrosion Protection: Fights the elements. Honda Exclusive!
Sealed Starter: Protection for long life. Honda Exclusive!
“On Demand” Alternator: More charging power. Honda Exclusive!
AMP+: More amps at idle
3-Way Cooling System: Cool-running durability. Honda Exclusive!
Torsion Dampener: Improved handling. Honda Exclusive!
Oxygen Sensors and Knock Sensors: Optimum efficiency. Honda Exclusive!
Non-Linear Mounting System: Smoother operation. Honda Exclusive!
Center Mount Tiller Handle: Easier control. Honda Exclusive!
Large Displacement V6: Powerful and compact.
Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC): High horsepower, low maintenance.
Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Ignition: Powerful performance.
Engine Alert System: Keeps you informed.
Autostart Enrichment: Easy starts.
Power Thrust Design: Better performance.
Rudder Angle Indicator: More maneuverability.
Trim Limit Switch: Protects the engine.
Stainless Steel Components: Corrosion resistant.