High Output Alternator
Honda's alternator provides more electric power than the competition. For example, the BF200/225, shown in blue, has significantly more amps available than competitive four-stroke motors.

High Output Alternators

There's always plenty of electric power with Honda's “on demand” alternator.  It gives you more charging power when you need it.

Our belt-driven system helps batteries to stay charged and keeps equipment going all day long.  

In fact, the BF225’s “On Demand” 90 amp belt-driven alternator puts out the highest amount of amps in the outboard market.

Alternators, by the numbers

Honda advertises the real amps that you would see in real use.  Some outboard manufacturers only advertise their total alternator output, measured at cool temperatures. This can be somewhat misleading.

Compare for yourself, and you’ll see: apples to apples, Honda motors give you the power you need.